Dr. Margot Gage Witvliet

Assistant Professor | Social Epidemiologist | Veteran Advocate

As a former Big 12 college cheerleader, I understand the unique needs of student athletes.

My Fall Semester Courses:

Introduction to Sociology, 1301

Medical Cannabis, 4315

Research Methods, 4380

Human Rights & Civic Life (Honors Seminar)

I've mentored students who have won research awards & grants.

My Spring Semester Courses:

Epidemiology and Global Health, 4342

Global Health Disparities, 4335

Environmental Justice, 4300

Students in Training

I alway take time to help the next generation of workers develop their skillset.

Medical Cannabis Class

Goes on overnight field trip to Austin


Real Life


I like to connect students to the real world by bringing guest speakers into the classroom or taking students on field trips. In my view, it is important that classroom assignments add skillsets that can be used after graduation. I am the type of professor that likes to flip the classroom and have students engage in thoughtful debate. My goal is to inspire students to think critically and not simply repeat textbook content. I know firsthand that being a college student can be expensive. As a student I worked my way through college and applied for every scholarship, grant and student loan available. I disliked having to purchase expensive textbooks that I would only use for one semester. This is why I keep my classes low-cost and often do not require textbooks. I do not think students should have to choose between paying their rent or buying a textbook.

"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world."

Nelson Mandela

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